Father’s Day – June 21st 2015

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Father’s Day June 21st 2015

The boys sneaking up on them.

F or Father’s Day this year my boys decided to take me fishing for the day.  The runoff and weather conditions for 2015 have been conducive to water levels that we usually see in Mid July.  

They came up with the plan for the day and and the oldest one took care of all the logistics (financing, meals and location planning).  The plan for the day was to head out early and be on the road by 7:00 am with a stop for Mickey D’s breakfasts.  Once food and coffee were in the vehicle we pointed the nose of the Troutchaser Jeep south and headed for the Oldman River drainage.  The weather had changed for Sunday morning and there was a slight rain in the air which we chased all the way to Chain Lakes.  As we were a little ahead of schedule and the temperature was still in single digits we decided to head in at Chain Lakes, go over the hump and check on the Livingstone conditions.  That’s where we encountered snow. 1″ on the ground and big fluffy flakes coming down.  By the time we hit the trunk road the snow had turned to rain and we slogged down the road leaving a spray of muddy water behind the jeep instead of billowing dust.

The first of the day.

The Livingstone River was in great condition, clear water, mid July levels but the boys had another location in mind so off we went to fish one of the Oldman tributaries instead.  the further south we went on the FTR the dryer it got and by the time we arrived at the Dutch Creek intersection we were kicking up dust on the road from the tires.

We arrived at our location at around 10:30 am and the temperature was still in the single digits so we checked some of the water over before getting our waders on and then took our time getting ready. The fishing was slow for the first part of the morning and we had no action on nymphs, drys or streamers from 11:00 am until 12:30.

We stopped for a bite of lunch and then loaded up and moved on to another section of the water. The water levels were ideal albeit still a little chilly.  At this point the oldest son got a few slashes at his dry fly but no hookups. It was starting to look promising and the temperature had now warmed up to 15°C.  Then the skies opened up and it started to rain.  We loaded up in the Jeep to stay some what dry and headed futher downstream and parked just overlooking a great run to wait out the rain.

Not much color but a nice orange slash.

While having some more food and drink and waiting for a let up in the rain I asked the boys what they wanted to do?  We could head home if the rain didn’t let up and it would be OK with me. As they were humming and hawing about what to do I saw two fish rise in the run outside the Jeep.  This is when the old guy said “Fish rising!” and bolted out the door of the Jeep into the rain minus a rain jacket and started to flail the water.

The boys, being smarter than the old man, put rain jackets on, grabbed rods and headed for the run.  The oldest guy was the first to hook up, then he hit another and passed the rod to the younger guy.  Two beautiful cutthroats to be proud of.  A couple of quick pictures and back they went.

The younger guy and his fish.

We took 3 fish out the run before we decided to rest it and move downstream a tad and check out the next run.  As we approached there were fish rising along side the current and in the back eddy.  A good sign. Between us we took another 4 fish from this pool and we coached the little guy as he tried his luck.


The two handed “See my Fish!” pose.

This was the first day fishing with a flyrod and reel as up to now we had him working a spin rod with a small float and fly.  While we coached him through the mechanics it was unfortunate that he could now keep hooked and land any of the 10-12 fish that rose to his fly.  With time running down and needing to be back in the city by 7:00 pm we decided that it was time to pack up and head out.  From where we were it was a good 3 hours back to Calgary.

A father couldn’t ask for a better Father’s Day!  Spend with two great kids and doing something that we all enjoy is better than any gift. Thanks to my two sons Daniel and Jacob for a wonderful day.  You guys are the best!

One for the old man.