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One of the best dry fly videos I’ve seen….ever

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A friend sent me this link the other day and I just got around to viewing.  All I can say is wow!!

I know these waters intimately and I know how good the fishing can be but this video shows things I’ve never seen before.  When you watch this, pay attention to the size of the bull trout that comes up for a dry fly(?).  Simply beautiful.  I’ve had small bullies under a pound take a dry but not a bull as long as my arm.

Simply amazing and kudos to the guys from Home Waters for putting this together.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.



Parks Canada Restoring Cutthroats

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Captured Hidden Lake brook trout


Encouraging news out of Banff these days where efforts are underway to restore natural cutthroat trout habitat.  Hidden Lake had a vibrant cutthroat population until sometime in the 1960’s when a brook trout showed up.  We all know what happens then.  The brookies take over and the natural trout populations decline.

It is encouraging that Parks Canada is taking this step as in the past they have communicated that they would not be managing the fishery in the parks.  The quote out of Banff now is “Parks Canada’s mandate is to conserve and restore westslope cutthroat trout in the park, and part of the restoration effort is to make sure the fish we do try to restore are the westslope cutthroat trout we know are native to the province.”

If you are interested in reading more see the Calgary Herald article here and here.



Very remiss in keeping up on this site

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Well I’ve haven’t been very good at keeping this site up to date.  I am going to try to be better at this going forward.

Starting now.

It looks like spring is breaking here on the banks of the Bow and across the prairies.  The non-resident geese are returning and the local Osprey pair have returned to their nest overlooking the river.

I haven’t been out on the water yet this year as the weather has not cooperated with my planned days off.  Was cleaning up and organizing the rod shop and came across my fishing journals from years previous.  Took notice that in previous years I would already have about a half dozen days in the book down on the Crow or out on the Bow.

For the rod shop, I’ve joined a couple of other local cane rodmakers in placing an order of cane from The Bamboo Broker, Andy Royer.  I’ve got 26 sticks coming my way within the next 2 weeks.  It is sorely needed at this point as I was down to my last 2 sticks and they were very shabby looking.  I will keep everyone posted on the cane and post pics when it arrives.

On a related note, I received a set of waders from Allen Flyfishing this week and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality.  They have a nice look to them, Olive Green, zippered pockets inside and out complete with fleece hand warmers.  I will keep everyone posted on the waders as I get a chance to use them and put them through the paces this year chasing cutts in the surrounding hills.

On the bench I’ve got a couple of projects on the go.  I’m putting together a 7′ Sir D for the missus and I’m chopping a PH Young Perfectionist into 4 pieces as a pack rod.  The Perfectionist is going to get experimental fiberglass ferrules. The rod for SWMBO will get an all pink dressing out to go with a pink Ross reel that was purchased a few years ago.  Will keep folks posted on the progress there.

On a side note I’m getting closer to pulling the trigger on a Morgan Handmill everyday.  But that’s a story for another day.

Cutts on the North Ram

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This is a test of posting to the site via my iPod Touch.

Cuba Bonefishing

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Took a day out of the vacation to get in some bonefish action.

I rented a car from my hotel in Verradero and drove across the island to the Bay of Pigs to meet up with the guides. I left the hotel at 5:00 AM to be at the rendezvous site by 8:00 AM. A very interesting drive through the various towns and country side. The number of horse buggies and carriages on the roads was astounding as well as the people on bikes going to work. I really had to keep my eyes peeled as it was dark and foggy for the first part of the drive.

Spectacular day, hot and minimal wind. Here’s one of the usual suspects.
Cuba Bonefish

I would encourage anyone who is interested in getting in a little bone action while in Cuba to check into to this. The contact of the guides was setup through Fishtales Flyshop in Calgary, AB. My guide spoke perfect English and was extremely knowledgeable. In fact when I returned to Canada, I was flipping through the channels one Saturday morning and happened upon one of those fishing shows and there was my guide doing his thing, spotting fish and getting his client to hook up and look good for the camera.

08 Runoff and Snow Pack

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Here it is the 4th day of June and runoff is well under way.

Racehorse Creek Snow Pillow Figure It started about 2 weeks ago when precipitation stated falling in the foothills and the mountains in various forms. This kick started the snow melt. At various areas in the mountains the snow pillow readings were above average. In other areas we were just on average. At the least, the snow pack was equivalent with last year. If we get a slow melt and hopefully water conditions will stay up for the duration of the summer and we won’t see any indication of low water conditions or warm water conditions that can effect the native cutthroats. Hopefully the water levels stabilize and we have clear conditions for opening day on June 16th.

Limestone Ridge Snow Pillow


Opening day is approaching

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Test 123

Trufflepig Films

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If you have any interest in The Hardy Bros. tackle company then this video may interest you.

I purchased this video online from the source (Trufflepig Films) in England and it arrived in about 10 days. The film makers did an excellent job of given us the viewers an insight into the Hardy family, the buildup of the company and ultimately the demise and selling of the company. Very interesting information presented in an artful way. In my mind well worth the money spent.
Here is a trailer from the film.



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